Sunday, February 5, 2017

Busy week and small accomplishments

Kevin gave me a sky-sized star for effort today. Can you see it? After going to 9 o'clock mass, I made a batch of chicken stock for my neighbor who is having company this week. I made chicken noodle soup a week or so ago and gave her some. In her words, "It was so good I ate it very slowly." Well, she loved it. Then asked if I would share my recipe as she wanted to make my soup for incoming company, this week,

Of course, I responded (I am flattered), and I started rattling off the ingredients and steps. I think I saw panic in her eyes. She found a pencil and paper and started writing my instructions down. That's when I realized the ten or so ingredients just to make the stock would be a challenge for her. After all, it took me years to perfect an All American classic.

I went  home and spent the time finally putting my chicken soup recipe on paper. For all to see and use. I even had to do a dry run to figure out exact quantities as who would know how much a shake or two of poultry seasoning amounts to. (I made my own poultry seasoning once, but it seemed to turn stale and tasteless a lot faster than the commercial products.)

Easy as pie, my mother use to say as she turned out pies, nearly in her sleep. The only kind of pie I make is chicken pot pie. I don't mean those stinkin' frozen things, I mean from scratch. Or a spaghetti pie, although not lately when I am just feeding myself.

My chicken soup is something I could probably make in my sleep. But to look at the ingredients and steps, It seems like an all day project. It isn't and it is something to make while you are busy doing other things. Like sewing, taking pictures or listing wallets and phone pouches on Etsy. (That's more complicated.)

I gave her the written recipe and then insisted I help out by making the stock, so she could turn it into soup. After church this morning, I made enough stock for her soup and some for me to freeze for later use.

By the way, I even roasted the red peppers.

She is very grateful and I know she will turnout a grand meal for her visitors.

A while later I saw this wonderful sign from Kevin. He was putting a gold star on my homework paper (or recipe) for my effort. Besides, he loved my chicken noodle soup.

A funny aside to the soup story:  Two weeks ago, I bought a Florida sweet onion complete with a nice green  leafy top at the Farmers Market. The woman there told me she always throws the tops in her soup base and it adds a lot of flavor. So, I made soup and used the top. It was delicious. In fact, it was the same batch of soup I gave my neighbor who fell in love with it.

So, for this latest soup-making task I wanted another one of those onions and called the woman to see what day their stand would be located on Shoal Line Rd in Weeki Wachee this weekend. It would be the closest to home from all of the the spots where they set up.  I left a voice mail and she called back Friday evening. Something got lost between my vm message and what she thought I was inquiring about.

The conversation pretty much went like this:
Her: They will be there on Saturday and Sunday. But, let me warn you it is all men and there isn't a bathroom there.

In the first place, it is a pullover spot on the side of the road. Also why did she think I would need to use the latrine?

Me: Okay? What time do they set up?

Her: Around 7:30 or 8. But I want you to be aware it is all men there and you might want to bring a big towel or blanket to put in front of yourself, if necessary. Or take the woods.

Me: All I want to do is buy some produce.

Turns out she thought I wanted to set up my tent in the same spot and sell my wares along the roadside. But she never cracked a giggle. They run a few stands (family venture) and people like the ones selling boiled peanuts or plants share spots with them.. Instead she gave me directions to where she was setting up, which was twice as far from home. /but I guess was better just in case, because there was another woman at the site.

I guess you had to be there to imagine how funny it turned out. Anyway, it had me scratching my head for a while.

I am kind of on a higher stress level with two important dates coming up. Kevin's birthday is Friday, February 10th. Then Valentines Day is of course, the 14th. We celebrated both days with happiness and love. I was looking for something the other day and ran into a stash of cards Kevin's given me over the years. I spent time rereading them and thinking about years and times in our lives, when he wrote amazing notes on them for me. Good thing I have Grief Support Group this Thursday. I am sure I won't be the only one there missing the love of my life.

Kevin last year on his birthday. He wouldn't believe what's going on with our govt, these days.

Thank you for reading my blog posts. I appreciate you support and caring. Have a great week and never take for granted the time you have to share with loved ones. Hugs, Nancy

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