Saturday, January 7, 2017

Holidays over, now it is onward into the new year.

Christmas holiday 2016 is in the books. The Christmas weekend was a lot of fun and exactly what I needed to make it through without Kevin. Well, he wasn't with us physically, but between Stephanie, Maia, Cody, Serena,Taryn and me we certainly kept him alive in our thoughts and memories of past holidays. I loved listening to each story, some I'd never heard before. Each one of us had our own special bond with him. We laughed, sighed and I realized how our lives had been intricately strung together for  all of those years. We are now a family that's lost someone very special. We can hurt over it and we can hold him in our hearts forever.

I returned home and spent New Years Eve pretty much in the usual way. I started dropping off around ten and went to bed. Other years Kevin would  try keeping me up until the ball dropped. Most years I made it. Barely. 

In December sales in my Etsy shop picked up. That is a great thing for me. I spent some time redesigning my phone pouches. I made them larger and also designed a cross body bag, which is still getting tweaked. Serena set up an Instagram account, antsynancyco for featuring photos of items listed on Antsy Artist Redux.  We have many likes, lots of followers and a couple of sales because of her efforts. Double yay. 

I plan to do a craft show, Swamp Fest at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park on March 3rd, 4th and 5th, so I better get busy making new stuff. The best part about that show is it's 4.3 miles from home. and it should be fun with the mermaids and all.

Had my dental procedure done on Dec. 28th. Was a bit painful. That is another step forward for me. An expensive one, going forward.

I have been so happy to be moving forward. I am busy and feeling productive. I have a couple of things to work on, though. I invited a neighbor to go to the gym with me. We talked about it in December and she decided to start this month, after the holidays. That's fine with me. I am or was pretty flexible. She doesn't drive, so will depend on me to get there. I went on Monday and Tuesday and she was going to start on Thursday. I think that will work fine. In the meantime, another neighbor talked me into going to water aerobics at our community pool. We went on Monday at the time scheduled, but the instructor wasn't there, nor others participants. We went into the water and it wasn't pleasant because the air was chilly. Anyhow, we were told they might have the class on Wednesday and Thursday.

Overall, it wasn't the best use of my morning. I realized that I am not so enthused about water aerobics and would rather have the time for the gym. Now I have to convince her to go it alone. My bad for saying yes before thinking. 

Something else came up this week. Another neighbor wound up in the hospital with an enlarged prostate and kidney failure. His wife doesn't drive and she came to me for help. Since Wednesday I've been driving her to the hospital, spending a few hours there and then returning for another couple of hours in the evening, before bringing her home. Medics finally did whatever procedure Friday morning and hopefully he will be sent home on Monday. Then I can get back on track with my gym schedule and work plans. Right now this is a drain on my time, but that isn't what bothers me. 

These neighbors are nice people. He just adored Kevin and would even make a list of sports-related questions to ask Kevin whenever he would see him. Kevin would roll his eyes, for instance he could care less about the NBA or even the NFL. Kevin preferred college sports. But he was always patient and would discuss this and that with our neighbor. Even as he laid in his hospital bed this week in pain, this man wanted to know more about where Kevin worked, what papers and  mostly about his writing/editing sports experiences. 

At one point, when he was feeling nervous about what was happening he asked me how Kevin handled all of the information and paperwork given to him by the doctors. I replied that we'd kept files, even of things we really didn't need to save. That it was sort of how Kevin felt he had some control over it all.  That seemed to be the answer he wanted.

Every day, more and more this hospital connection is getting harder for me to face. It reminds me of when Kevin was in the hospital, especially his last stay that lasted for 26 days. I spent at least 12 hours everyday by his side, doing what I could for him. I prayed, I held on to hope. I brought him his favorite snacks. It was the two of us fighting cancer, just wanting more time, better health and a miracle. 

I know my neighbors' situation is different. He will get well and head back to work, soon. Their lives should return to normal. By the way he is 75 and still works part-time at Publix where he's worked for going on 25 years. I know her stress and worries. So, I will share my time and car with them until all is well again. It just isn't easy for me.

I am definitely looking forward to Grief Support Group next Thursday.  Also more time for sewing new bags and drawing more cards. I will keep you updated. 

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog posts and for your love and support. I am looking forward to a productive 2017.

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