Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas. It's here.

Whether you are ready or not, it's that time of year to look over our shoulders at 2016. Personally, it was my worst year. I lost Kevin. That was after he suffered, but put up a brave fight against cancer. When I think back over the years we were together, I am reminded of many times when he was brave and I wasn't.

He worked hard and mostly terrible hours. He loved the art of news-papering, but couldn't take the politics and posturing. He persevered as long as he could and never complained.

Kevin lost his brother, then his mom. Rick and Audrey meant so much to him. So do his sister, Georgia and sis-in-law, Micky.

Christmas was always right up there on Kevin's list of favorite holidays. It was second only to St. Patrick's Day. Most places where Kevin worked gave employees their birthday off as one of their paid holidays, Kevin always requested St. Patrick's Day instead. And he always got it. When he gave up drinking, he still celebrated the day, but with nonstop Irish music all day long at home.

I guess all of this comes from my looking back. My head is filled with memories of times. Good, sad, loving, happy, scary, normal, exciting, etc. times.

Not sure why,  but this song popped into my head, one that Kevin always loved:

Okay on with today. In the first place I am happy that business is picking in my etsy shop. I've had a few sales this week even though I haven't done anything to promote its reopening.  I redesigned my phone pouches to accommodate the big phones and already made two of them for different customers. This is good as it has helped keep my mind off of Christmas. Or the thought of Christmas without Kevin.

I am spending Christmas weekend at Stephanie and Serena's in Boynton Beach. The plan is to celebrate Christmas Eve at Maia's and Taryn's in Jupiter. Cody is home from Tuscon for a few weeks, so this will be as complete a Christmas I can get without Kevin. I really thought I could spend the day by myself. Stephanie said Kevin would never want me to spend it alone. And she's right. So she is coming to get me tomorrow, We are going to Horst and Liz's 3rd Annual Neighborhood Get Together tomorrow night and heading back east on Friday. We are going to church on Friday night for a special service, will have fun on Saturday and Sunday, then she's bringing me (and the cat) home on Monday.  Mothers can make life complicated.

On Wednesday I will spend hard time in the dentist's chair and finally on my way to a better smile.

The only holiday thing I've done is experiment with cream cheese mints. So far, I've made the usual peppermint ones. Then I branched out with cinnamon, chocolate and coconut, even root beer flavored mints. They all taste good to me. I will take a tray of them to Horst and Liz's party and the rest to Boynton Beach. I stayed away from making the usual holidays cookies. Maybe next year.

Tomorrow afternoon I have Grief Support Group and am looking forward to it since I haven't been in a month. Even though I am feeling pretty good about this weekend, I want to go for all of the tips and suggestions that get passed around there to consider in case I do feel overwhelmed.

Then I am looking forward to getting busy with craft shows and Antsy Artist on etsy. By the way, here it is.  I still need to list Kevin's painted bottles we moved from his etsy site to mine before closing it.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Be happy, stay healthy and count your blessings. I will take pictures of the Goellers' holiday lights and share them with you.

Thank you for reading my blog posts and for all of the love and support you pass along to me. Love and hugs.

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