Sunday, November 27, 2016

Two Kiwis and An Avocado

Sorry I've been away for so long. For the past nearly two weeks I've been happily busy cleaning and preparing for Thanksgiving Day weekend visitors. Stephanie and Serena arrived Wednesday afternoon and from then on we found a lot to do.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with friends Sally and Anna. I am so grateful they are such wonderful friends. The dinner was superb and so was the company. It was so nice of them to share their Thanksgiving with us, as well as  good conversation.

Wednesday was pizza night and we started binge watching the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls in anticipation of the midnight Friday release of the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival. Of course we'd already seen every second of that series, but wanted a refresher.

We were finally caught up by Thursday night and spent much of Friday in our pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, watching the newly released four-part series. What can I say. If I had my way, this series would never end.

Netflix revival

Then we binged on Switched at Birth. I am still not sure about that series. At first most of the characters are repulsive. As it goes on, seems like everyone  has good and bad sides. Anyway, I am still in season one and I think there are about hundred more to go.

Poor Stephanie. Each night she would sound the "It's ten o'clock, should we stop here for the night?' alarm. If it weren't for her reminders, my eyes would probably be stuck to the TV screen by now.

Can't get together without crafting

We did some crafting -- painted some clay gingerbread men and stars.

Cook, Bake, Eat

We made and ate a lot of goodies and good food. Stephanie is the Queen of mac 'n cheese, tasty omelets, pizza and  everything she decides to create. Serena rules when it comes to baking cupcakes. She made chocolate/Oreo cupcakes with a strawberry made to look like a pumpkin center. And pumpkin cupcakes that were the bomb.

Shop Local

We spent Saturday morning and afternoon in downtown Brooksville doing the city's Shop local event. We each had a check list of participating stores and restaurants to visit. Someone at each place checked our lists. Once we finished we handed the check lists in, expecting to win one of many prizes awarded in a drawing to those who completed the lists. We didn't win anything, but we did have a great time visiting some pretty neat shops and eating places. We had a tour of the Women's Club. Sampled some of of the restaurants popular dessert offering, received coupons and met some nice store owners.

Then we came home to wash our cars and spend our last evening together doing more binge watching.

The Downside

So what does all of this have to do with two kiwis and an avocado?  For years, every time Stephanie pays me a visit, as well as Maia, I pack up half the fridge and more for them to take home. I am a mom. That's what I do. Every time as soon as they've left the drive way and are out of sight, (besides crying) I find something else I meant to send home with them. Makes me feel yucky.

This morning I started packing Stephanie's cooler and loading some sacks with fruit, etc. well ahead of her 10 a.m. time for departure. I was so organized moving all of the things to send with her to the bottom shelf in the fridge. I  layered the cold items with ice cubes in the cooler. I divvied up  oranges and apples and repacked a bag for her. With all of that completed, I scanned the kitchen once more to make sure I didn't miss anything. Job well done. I gave myself a pat on the back  

She  and Serena packed the car and departed on their 4 hour trip home. I walked back into the house and immediately spied the two kiwis and avocado sitting in a bowl on the counter. I completely lost it.

What really hit me was how much I miss Kevin. All weekend we kept him in our thoughts and remembering of past holidays. 

I told Stephanie and Serena how we, Kevin and I spent many summer afternoons walking through downtown Brooksville and nearby neighborhoods.  We took pictures and Kevin wrote blog posts about our walks. We met locals who shared stories with us. 

Yesterday we visited many shops and restaurants that I'd been to with Kevin He loved the history of the city and the beautiful southern homes. He would have loved the Shop :Local event and seeing the Christmas House decked out for the holidays and the shops filled with art, antiques and quirky old stuff. 

Yesterday marked the fifth month of his passing. That is on my mind when I think how we spent most of our lives together, together. Now, each day, week, month, marks our time apart.

We kept saying he was with us, and I was okay with that. Today, once the girls drove away, I was overcome with sadness and have felt bad all day. I cry and my stomach as well as my heart is aching.

I thought I would breeze through the holidays. Just keep busy and take deep breaths. I was sure.

 I will be okay,  But this really hit me hard, something I never expected, despite the warnings from the recent Hospice sponsored Holidays workshop I attended regarding grief and what to watch for during this time of the year. 

Here is Kevin at a Rays game in 2013. Miss him everyday.

I have a couple of posts in draft, that I may finish this week. Sometimes I get in the middle of my thoughts and then hold back from sharing them. Thank you for reading my blog. I wish everyone a nice, happy holiday season. 

Love and hugs, Nancy


  1. Bless you Nancy. Kevin has to be smiling down from heaven at you, his beautiful, courageous wife. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you Carolyn for being a faithful friend to Kevin as well as being ever encouraging and caring for me.


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