Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Funny Monday to Share

I'm bouncing back after my post Thanksgiving emotional letdown. Been busy preparing for the parking lot Yard Sale at Weeki Wachee this Friday and Saturday. I went through our Christmas decorations and culled out many things we'd actually retired over the years.

I thought about offering some things to the kids, then realized it is mostly a collection of kmick knacks accumulated from one holiday to the next. Things that anyone can still purchase at Target, Macy's, maybe even the Dollar Store. They already have their own collections growing in the back of some closet.

We had quite a collection of those little ceramic snowmen or Santas that housed tea lights. Kevin was crazy for candles. The first thing he did when he brought one home was light it. Just a few minutes to make sure it the wick was okay, I guess.  Some years it seemed as though every flat surface in the living room was occupied by an lighted Santa or miniature tree or Frosty.

Until one Christmas when I discovered battery-powered tea lights. And I picked up a box of them. That year the little ceramic candle holders were shining  through the holidays. Unknowingly, I ended that part of our holiday traditions. Wasn't quite the same for Kevin.

We also had a box of cheap decorations we'd used when we first set up a tree and slowly eliminated them as we accumulated better pieces. That's all going, too. Hopefully, someone else is starting out.

So, back to the yard sale this weekend at Weeki Wachee. Monday was a beautiful day here. We have a van that has the third row of seats.The back part of the seats is always folded down, but the seats take up a lot of space and we never use them. A few years ago Kevin attempted to take them out, but changed his mind when he couldn't figure out how to do it. You know those directions in the manual and how they don't quite make sense to some of us.

Well on Monday, I decided to try again, because I need the room more than the extra seating. Here I was with the rear door up, reading, rereading the directions on page 120  and fiddling with the locking handles. Anna (my neighbor) walks up with her dog Lady. "Whatcha doin?" she asks. I explained what I am trying to do and she immediately drops the leash and starts successfully fiddling with the locking handles.

Together we get the base freed and all that's left to do is slide this ridiculously heavy bank of seats back and out the rear door. But wait. One side is stuck or we had it tuned a bit so it wouldn't slide along the track. /So, now she is in the van pushing from the front and I am in back of the van pulling.

Just then Bill, our neighbor from across the street sticks his head out the door and tells us to wait a minute and he will help us. He was on the phone.  By then we'd secured Lady in a safer place as we quickly realized this sucker is heavy. Anna lost her husband a few years ago and over the years, we've had conversations about grief and loss. I never thought I'd be in the same position. We'd just talked about my up and down blue weekend and she reassured me, I would get through it.

Anna is small, but strong. She gets lots of exercise keeping Lady happy. So I thought this will take GIRL POWER.

We waited. For one minute. We gave each other a look, finally freed the seats and rolled them to the rear.

Yes they were heavy. We made a plan to put them on the carport. In all of my Lucy and Ethel moments of wisdom. I decided to back the van out of the driveway, turn around and back in so we wouldn't have to carry it as far.. I don't even know what I said to Anna, as I jumped in, started it up put it in reverse and slowly backed down the driveway.

Apparently Anna thought I was backing up a  away from the carport . When she thought I'd backed far enough away she started waving for me to stop. I didn't know what she was thinking. I immediately hit the brakes because I thought she was telling my to stop. Maybe there was a car coming or something. Well. you guessed it. When I hit the brakes, the seat flew up into the air and made a crash landing right in the middle of the street. Fortunately it is not a busy street.

We looked at each other and burst into boisterous, belly busting laughter. We couldn't  stop and I felt something good, like the huge weight of sadness being lifted away. I could breathe. I wanted to laugh as loudly as possible.

Amazingly, it wasn't damaged. I pulled the car back into the driveway. We hoisted it up and carried it up the drive to the carport when it sits. Anna, asked if I wanted to put it somewhere else. We considered the living room and that started another round of laughter.

Crazy, but that was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Remember Bill. Poor guy was tied up on the phone forever and missed the fun.

Wait there's more

Another funny  happened on Monday. Last week on Tuesday a UPS guy came to the door with a package. Stephanie told me she was having one of Serena;s birthday presents delivered at my house, as they would be there after it arrived. She told me UPS and more details like where it is coming from and contents. Details that lay dormant in my brain.

So I was busy doing three things at once when I saw him at the door and immediately knew he was delivering Serena's package. I went outside. He handed me the box and I said, "Do you by any chance have  the Christmas stamps?" He removed the ear phone from his ear and said, "What?"

"I need to go get Christmas stamps and thought you might some with you." He gave me a huge smile, tapped his chest pocket and replied, nope. no. He did not have any..

Okay so, like I said I was doing three things at once and was also considering if I should go to the post office to buy the stamps or order on line. Just then this guy comes along, at the same time the mail usually gets delivered and I immediately think he the mail carrier. Of course I didn't realize this until he was way down the street.

I was so embarrassed. I imagined him messaging his friends, family and coworkers about the nutty old lady he just ran into. Well, shortly after the seat incident, I was on the porch and heard  the UPS cart pull up across the street. In our community, they use a cart to delivery, this time of the year.

After he made the delivery and was returning to the cart, I called out to him, twice. He had to take out the ear phone to hear me. "Hey, sorry, but I thought you were the mail carrier last week when I asked about the stamps."

He laughed. Said he thought it was something like that. Then he waved and replied, "No worry. It's all good."

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