Thursday, October 6, 2016

Up and down bumpy week

Update: Craft show is canceled until next Saturday, Oct 15th because of the hurricane. Geesh.

It's been one of those weeks that should never happen, but do. First of all, my side of Florida is being spared, so far, from the perils of Hurricane Matthew.

I have some frightening memories of hurricanes past. One time I wound up home alone during one. It started out as a west coast hurricane that shifted course and came straight across the state. Kevin was already at work when it turned. He worked at the Stuart News, about 45 minutes on a good day, from home. And when you work for a newspaper you don't head home when a catastrophe is about to occur. I came home from City Hall where I was working in Finance. The staff spent the early afternoon securing our office and no one was particularly worried. We knew it was headed across the state, but wasn't suppose to affect us, much.  However by ealry evening, I sat in the living room with the transistor radio and ear phones listening to storm reporting, watching it rain from our kitchen ceiling.  I kept wishing Kevin was with me.

Another hurricane memory to share. When we lived in Hobe Sound a mediocre hurricane passed through. It was a big blow that made the roads too messy to travel and the power was off for a couple of days. Kevin fired up his hibachi for roasting hot dogs and he went about telling neighbors  and the property's maintenance men to stop by if they wanted a hot dog.  He was into hot dogs then and we had a couple packages of them in the freezer. A surprising number of neighbors took him up on the offer. Then the couple who lived across the street (their daughter married rich and Maria was very proper about everything) showed up expecting a sit down meal. I dug out everything I could find in the fridge for them. Too funny. That day Kevin really enjoyed serving the masses from his hibachi he'd set up on the sidewalk.

When Hurricane Andrew wreaked havoc on the Homestead, Fl area, Kevin was working at Boca Raton Community Hospital as a CNA. We were so fortunate that Andrew veered south at the last minute and spared us. He was honored to be a part of a team his hospital sent to Homestead to relieve hospital staff of their work and allowed them time to take care of their own families and property.

Being alone during a hurricane sucks. Being with someone you love makes a huge difference. I am speaking now about having to go through anything bad or traumatic.

I sent a text to Stephanie and Maia, and talked to Georgia this morning. I wanted to make sure they were all okay and to offer them a place to stay. So far, no takers. Whether to leave or stay is a difficult decision. Unless leaving is mandatory, most who feel their homes are resilient feel more comfortable to stay put.

Didn't mean to spend much time on the hurricane. You will get all of that on the news. At least it is a break from all of the political crap.

What's been bothering me

I was doing some bragging last week about the miles I am walking every morning. I hit three miles last Friday and felt great that morning. I even wrote about it in my blog post that day. but by afternoon I was in so much pain that started on the upper side of my leg and shot down to my knee. It would happen when I stepped, turned or moved the wrong way. So much so, that each time it happened I felt like I was going to fall on my face. I doubled up on the Motrin and stayed inside. It was no better on Saturday and improved un peu (as Kevin would say) on Sunday. I  was hobbling around using Kevin's cane. 

I finally went to my doctor on Tuesday. It was slowly feeling better, but still bothersome. Dr. Greg says I strained a muscle, the one that runs along the same straight line as the pain traveled. He ordered X-rays and prescribed stretching and weight-bearing exercises. Haven't heard anything about the X-rays.

This isn't a new problem, although it is getting worse. It started two years ago. I was walking about a half hour everyday, not paying much attention to distance. Then I started pushing myself to do more and my knee began hurting. I started wearing a knee brace and then my hip or upper leg was hurting. So, I would quit walking for a while.

Kevin always had the best advice. He would do the old joke about the guy telling the doctor, it hurts when I do this and he'd lift his arm. The doctor replies, "Then don't do that."

When Kevin was at Bayonet Point Medical Center I needed to get some exercise. My days were spent by his side, so I would take the stairs rather than the elevator from the ground floor to his room on the third floor. I did so maybe five or six times a day, going to the cafeteria for Kevin treats. My leg was hurting most days, but I endured. I was sure it would pass, just my overdoing. 

The past three months I've been back to walking and  I can't ignore the pain anymore. Would be wonderful if it is a muscle strain that can be overcome through exercise.We'll see.

Gearing up for a craft show

I am doing a small craft show/market on Saturday. My friend Anna  and I have spots next to each other. This is a big thing for me because I haven't done one in a while and this is the first one I've done in years, on my own without Kevin. Getting ready for it brings on a flood of memories. 

Kevin was always in charge of getting the car packed, unloading, setting up and tearing down, reloading again. He would put up our banner, making sure it was precisely center, while I was busy moving things, tweaking the display, something I do constantly throughout every show. Kevin would say, take a picture when you get it perfect, than you don't have to keep making changes the next time. However in my mind I never got it perfect. And I can't find the banner.

He enjoyed most shows. Kevin would help man the booth and explain the processes for making various pieces. He would wander and make new friends among other vendors and collect biz cards. He'd scout out the best food, entertainment and urge me to take breaks to do the same. He was never bored, in fact one of his favorite sayings he often used on the kids was, "There is no such thing as being bored. You should never be bored."  When he did all of that other stuff he would sit in the back of the tent reading. 

Three years ago, we cut back and eventually quit doing shows or attending local markets. He convinced me it wasn't worth the time, money and mostly our efforts to keep doing them. Looking back he was not feeling well then and all of the work tired him out. I looked forward to the camaraderie with other crafters, artists and show attendees. Of course it will be different without all of his help and company.

So, I will try a few small shows. See how it goes. I have enough stuff to fill a a few booth spaces, so having enough product isn't a problem. I must say Saturday will be an emotional day without Kevin.

Was talking to a neighbor yesterday. We both stood weeping as she described what her husband went through before he past away a fiveor six years ago. I can see there will always be the pain, the sorrow and hurt.

The moon last night and airing out some hats that were packed away, for Saturday.

When will Kevin stop getting these crazy offers? Please pray for those in Hurricane Matthew's path.

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