Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another hard journey

It's been a awhile since I last wrote about me, my mother and her troubles. And I don't know how to start this new post. My life has been in turmoil since then. I put that issue on the back burner when we discovered my husband Kevin was diagnosed on April 27, 2015 with lung cancer that spread to his brain, liver and bones. It was a year-long ordeal that led us many different ways. It was rough, frightening, very sad. Still is for me. But, we also held each other up with love, faith and determination.

Instead of blogging, I kept up with family and close friends via a group email. It needed to be personal for Kevin and myself. Kevin passed away on June 26, 2016. Now I want to keep exploring the grief and emotional parts of losing the love of my life to cancer. I want to reach out to others. I want to heal. Most of all I want to share the things I love about Kevin. He was a great person. So, I will start blogging and hope to get input from you on this sad sad subject.

I will be back soon. I have so much to discuss and frankly unload. So many people have shared their experiences, been supportive and offered advice that's been helpful. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from others, whether you knew Kevin or want to discuss your own grief.

Thank you for bearing with me. Antsy Nancy

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