Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Guns and the death of our children

I admit it. I hate guns and would ban them from this world, if I were in control. But I am not. So, I am willing to compromise in order to save at least one more child, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, wife, husband, human being from death by gun.

Hunting rifles and that is it.

- If you have a compulsion to kill defenseless animals, have at it. Go through a background check, purchase a hunting gun or rifle, take hunter safety lessons and store it, unloaded, in a locked cabinet. Do everything you can to keep your gun secure and away from causing harm.

- Any other type of weapon that requires bullets should be banned from our shores. Killing another human is never good. I know, I know -- police need guns. But I always thought they were trained to wound a suspect or use other means to subdue someone -- with stun guns, mace and the like -- and killing was the last resort.

I would make this a worldwide requirement but for now, let's concentrate on the health of the USA, our land of the free and home of the brave.

And let's be smart about placing blame for the mess we are in, today. I blame our government. Yes, I fault the NRA for denying our country has serious gun problems and for their scare tactics they employ to  keep so many otherwise reasonable citizens armed and ready for aggression.

No, I don't blame the public that buys into the idea that they are protecting themselves and loved ones by keeping a gun. I don't think most of these people are dumb or stupid. Instead they are doing what they believe is right among their community of friends and family.

Billions are spent on this gun campaign. People are encouraged to arm themselves,  Theme park-like shooting ranges are opening for families and children. It is a disease. It is a sickness and has nothing to do with protecting rights or ourselves. Depending on a gun is as addicting and dangerous as smoking.

Reading this toddler shoots mother I wonder what thinking went into this mom's decision to have a loaded gun in her purse while shopping with her 2-year-old child. She never meant harm for herself or her child. She was protecting them, she thought. But instead, this young woman enabled  this tragic scenario. She is gone from life on Earth. she's left her child motherless and having to grow up knowing what happened. This is just one sad story out of many and it doesn't make sense.

I don't blame Walmart or assume this women's lack of intelligence just because she was shopping there, as some did when the story first broke and nothing was published about her. We will never get to a healthy compromise until people quit assuming so much about one another.

I guess the notion is to fight fire with fire. But that's ridiculous in so many ways. Does such destruction amount to security?

Why do we have a government that can't act on the public's behalf? Instead they seek studies when the facts are staring them in their faces. Lawmakers waste precious lives and time while taking money from groups that support rampant gun ownership. This study that is months overdue should be a no-brainer, yet, CDC looks into kids/guns.

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