Sunday, August 31, 2014

Short convo Saturday

I was busy with mermaids and such most of the day, so I didn't get a chance to call mom until a quarter to six. She'd just come up from downstairs to have something to eat and feed her dog. But she said she wanted to talk with me first.

"We were putting a puzzle together," she said. "They do about one a week. Sometimes they glue them together and hang on the walls, downstairs. Everyone else was going to back to their places to eat and then come back to work on the puzzle later. I am not that hungry but thought I should leave and eat now, too."

Mom walked her dog the usual number of times today, but her back is starting hurt. Same trouble from when she fell out of the car onto the pavement. It is her hip and back. I suggested she put a cold pack or ice on it, as mine seems to feel better faster when I use ice instead of heat for my sore back. Mom said, "a-huh" and that she has a big refrigerator with lots of ice in it. Seemed like her thoughts were wandering.

I asked her if the concert was fun. She replied telling me about how they have the concerts every week during the summer and about how they always go to Red's & Trudy's, but she isn't sure what they are doing to the diner -- renovating or building a new place. "You probably don't remember Red's & Trudy's." I tell her I do.

She says she likes working on the puzzles and it is supposed to be good for them to do. I asked what the puzzle was of -- What was the picture/subject? "Huh. Now you got me. I don't remember, but it was something really pretty. Creatures, maybe it was birds. It is a real nice puzzle. I'm going to write it down so I can tell you the next time we talk."

I asked about Jo Dunbar, a long time friend and neighbor. Mom said she passed away, maybe a year or so ago. She said it was sad, a shame, but she didn't say much else about her or their friendship.

I asked her if she remembered her beautiful favorite black cocktail dress she once had. I asked because I know she loved that dress and it looked so nice on her with its off the shoulder neckline, may have been black satin with a full skirt and stiff crinoline slip. She had that dress when I was young -- 7 or 8. She responded by talking about all of the gowns she had for Eastern Star which was a half dozen years later. I was  surprised she didn't remember that dress and that time in her life, because I thought she was pretty happy then. I wonder if she will bring it up some other time as she wants to work on remembering good times.

"Oh, oh. The dog is standing in the kitchen, looking at the refrigerator and looking at me, like saying 'What are you doing in there?'

"Dogs are great. Do you have a dog?" I reply no, a cat. "Cats are great, too. Any kind of pet. They know what you do or what you are suppose to be doing. She's thinking it's time for me to eat. When I eat, she eats. Yes, cats are good pets, unless they get out somehow and chase after the boys."

Mom describes her apartment: kitchen and long living room and dining area where she had her table and hutch. It has one bedroom and nice storage closet. She was lucky to get the nicest apartment, the one other people wanted, but she got it. She thinks some of the people living in her complex are jealous because she has the best apartment.

I tell her to go eat and I will call again tomorrow. We discuss what's the best time for me to call. Around six is best for her. She has church in the morning and then the walks with her dog. Some people tell her she doesn't need to walk her dog so often, but she doesn't want the dog to have an accident in the apartment. Besides, it gives mom something to do.

She tells me Liz is coming to see her soon, but she forgot when. According to mom, my sister will be staying with someone and she's coming for something, maybe about her education, mom doesn't remember. Liz will come to see her while she's in town and mom is hoping she will have enough time to take her clothes shopping. But if not, she says Dennis and Vicki will take to her to Walmart. She misses the clothes that guy threw out the time she fell asleep and left them in the dryer downstairs. The old manager tried to get some money for her to help pay for new clothes, but couldn't.

I tell her again to go eat and I will call tomorrow. She says "OK, dear" and then remembers she wanted to tell me about something that happened last night (Friday night). She says there was a power outage and  fire trucks were outside. She said a squirrel was walking on the power lines and somehow shorted something out.

"I've seen squirrels up there walking on the line before and nothing happened." I told her maybe it fell and touched two lines at once or something. She agreed that was probably what happened.

I tell her again to go eat. This time she says she is getting a little hungry. She said she is so happy that we are in contact with each other again. Said I am happy, too. With that we said our "love you goodbyes," until our next visit, Sunday. :)

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