Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10th talk with Mom

Please note: I found out on August 25th, that mom's recalling of something that happened as told in the third paragraph is not accurate  Mom said Dick's grandson was not hit by a car and mom had quite a story about what she thought happened. The youngster's mother told me her son was indeed hit by a truck and injured. 

 Talked to mom earlier for 20 minutes. She says she's been feeling blue. She's dreading the winter and worried what's to become of the farm. She apologized for forgetting and asked me my married name -- she wanted to write it down. I told her Whitney-Conway and she was glad I kept Whitney. I gave her my phone number in case she needed to get in touch. She has it somewhere -- I just wanted her to write it on her tablet, near my name, to help her out.

She ended up not going out to dinner with her friend Friday night; her friend had to go to Buffalo for medical reasons. Everyone has to go to Buffalo for a lot of medical-related stuff. It isn't close by, 60 some miles.

Mom said she took her dog for a walk and watched kids playing ball on the field behind her complex. Medi-vac lands there, when there is an emergency and of course they take them to Buffalo. "One day they landed and I didn't know until later that they took one of Dick's grandkids to Buffalo," mom said. " He was walking across the street, tripped and fell down. The car that was coming stopped. Well they (emergency services) thought he was hit by a car, even though he kept telling them he just fell down. Took him all the way to Buffalo and all he had was a scrape on his leg."

She is having headaches and itchy nose this weekend. Thinks it is the pollen.

I told her I was sewing all weekend. She was interested, so I explained how most of my time was spent redesigning my phone pouch.

We talked about the weather. She is worried about winter and not being able to take the cold.

Repeat -- about the winter she did spend down south and how her dementia got her in trouble.

Repeat -- She goes to the Presbyterian Church next door to her. There is an elevator, but she takes the stairs. She might get stuck in the elevator.

Repeat -- Has a beautiful park across the street, but can't take her dog there because the dog would chase one of the squirrels and make mom fall down. She hurt her hip a while ago and has trouble walking since. Was out with a bunch of friends and they were stuffed in the back seat. She was by the door. When someone opened the door, she popped out onto the concrete. Hip and back have bothered her ever since.

Talked about some other stuff that I am not going to write about now.

I am calling her again on Tuesday -- she wrote that down, too. She is enjoying our talks. I am, too.

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