Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Funny how a song can move you, bring back memories

I was hard at work this morning on a crochet project and listening to the tunes on the IPod shuffle. It is something that goes on every morning, whether doing business online, baking bread or creating, there is usually music. Most of the time, it is background noise because I am concentrating on something else. There are tunes that catch the ear and takes the mind to another time. Some songs are so beautiful and I know exactly the meaning. Other tunes seem innocuous years later.

But this morning, "Walk Unafraid," by R.E.M. was playing and I remembered how I loved this Michael Stipe song. I know the lyrics, but never understood the songs meaning -- or what the song meant to Stipe.
To me the lyrics were an affirmation to be myself, even though I wasn't that sure about myself. Life long self doubt and fear forever haunts me, however I finally realized it is a part of me, so I make the best of it.

So, as I listened, this morning I remembered I forgot years to find Stipe's explanation for the song. I came across this great blog post from 2012 on this very subject: Michael Stipe discusses Walk Unafraid lyrics