Monday, May 12, 2014

Le poids des apparences The importance of appearances experiment

This is agonizing. Why do humans treat others based on their appearance?

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  1. Unfortunately the video was removed by YouTube, for some obscure reason.
    But I do realize that one's appearance weighs heavily on how others perceive us. If a woman is tall, blonde and beautiful she is perceived as being dumb, even if she holds a PHD in physics. On the other hand beauty contestants must not only be beautiful, they must be tall, willowy and within the perimeters of what judges consider the "ideal" body proportions . . . therefore a short contestant won't stand a snowball's change in hades of winning.
    We are judged by our heritage, culture, skin color over all proportions and even age. Perhaps it has a lot to do with our basic animal instincts for finding suitable mates? Whatever the reason, one would think that by now we would have gotten over it.


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